Monday, 14 January 2013

The wrong pants

I was in a hospital emergency department waiting to be seen after somehow getting shot in the left knee.
There was a hole in my trousers and when I get to see a nurse I was asked to remove them for examination. Taking off my trousers revealed a perfectly round bullet shaped hole that went right through to the other side. It wasn't bleeding.

The nurse looked at my boxer shorts and sniggered. They were an old pair with black and white stripes on and embarrassed I made reference to the importance of wearing your best pants in case of an accident.

Next I was in a Tesco express store waiting for another male who had just been released from prison.
He arrived dressed in dirty work mans overalls and covered in grease.
I took him to my old flat in Essex after he stole lots of food from the shop.

Arriving at my flat we entered an outside barn that had a shower for animals in it. As the ex convict was showering another man arrived telling me me has escaped from prison.
Not wishing to be involved with him I jumped over a wall which set off a siren and search lights as I then break free from a prison.
Running in panic I head straight into the sea and can't find a way out.
At this point I am able to float out of my body high above for an panoramic view and spot the road to freedom.

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