Friday, 25 January 2013

The living dead

A slightly morbid theme from last night. I was in a street, it was night and the only light was cast from a street lamp that stood outside a cemetery.

I watched as a unknown man approached a grave and proceeded to dig it up. As he got deeper towards the coffin he was saying that it was his Sons grave and he had to check that he hadn't commuted suicide.
I decided to help the man and eventually we lifted out the wooden casket containing his Son. We prised open the lid and the perfectly formed body of a teenage boy sat up and said hello to his dad.

Finally I was in my mums living room and George from work had a new rucksack that held all his equipment on it. He was very proud of it until I pointed out that with it on his back, none of his equipment was accessible. He left looking rather unhappy.

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