Monday, 21 January 2013

Snakes on a boat

When I got into bed my wife was snoring very loudly, or so I thought.
She was most put out that I shook her as she lay awake to inform her of her snoring.
I have been informed that I was chatting and laughing in my sleep. All in all I was very confused as I'm sure I was awake!

I had entered some kind of cellar that was home to a lot of tramps.
On the ceiling of the cellar was a lorry fixed by its roof. Inside the lorry was a tramp who was related to a rich family who had supplied him with the lorry. He sat inside swigging whiskey from a bottle.

I then appeared to be on a boat with Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond.
I was laughing and joking with him as I held a huge snake.
I walked off the boat and the snake transformed into a massive rat the size of a small dog. It started to struggle and attempted to get away from me but I held on tightly to prevent it escaping.

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