Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sleeper cell

I was standing on the doorstep of my mums front door looking out at the road which was a river.
A boat slowly made its way to the end of the path that leads to the house and moored there. I had an excited feeling of anticipation as the occupants disembarked. I was an alien hiding in a human body waiting for the rest of my kind to invade. I'd been placed on Earth as a sleeper cell to observe and report back on the humans in preparation for taking over the World.

One of the men put a rocket launcher onto his shoulder and shouted, "We are taking over this planet".
I then realised that the invaders were not my kind and were another species of aliens.
I decided to remain inside my human host and not reveal myself to the aliens.

I was lastly sat in my childhood bedroom looking at an enormous computer screen that was very similar to the one my school had back in the early 80's.
my wife entered the room and asked to look at my dream blog.
I tried to scroll down the screen using my finger but nothing happened.

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