Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Recycling genius

I had entered a small toy shop that was owned by my grandad. My grandad passed away in 1977 and this is one of only a handful of times I've dreamt about him.
In the middle of the shop was a full size double decker London red bus. I was a child and could tell that I was back in the 1970's.

My grandad was saying how times were hard and that the shop was struggling to make a profit. Sad at this I realised that although I was a child I was my adult self inside and knew what the future held.
Grandad was throwing out the rubbish and I suggested that he collect all the glass, metal and other reusable items and sell them to make money. Herald as a genius, the shop was saved.

As a reward I was allowed to climb on top of the bus and play with any toy I wanted to. I chose an aeroplane, lorry and a small bus. I sat aloft happy in the knowledge my grandad would be well off.

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