Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Poisonous piggyback

I was playing football, just a makeshift pitch with jumpers for goalposts.
There was myself and Ryan from work on my team against one other lad. There's was only seconds left and the next to score won the game.
Instead of a football we were using a baseball cap as a ball.
In the dying seconds Ryan passed the cap back to me and I slammed home the winner to much celebration.

I was next in a pub and the barman pointed out to me that there was a wasp walking along the floor. On its back was a small bright green coloured worm.
I looked on with interest as the barman explained that the worm was highly toxic and if bitten by it, its poison would lay dormant and I would die just prior to climaxing during sexual intercourse.

Horrified by the thought of this and the fact that the wasp could assist the deadly worm infect me, I stamped on them both.
I watched as both insects wriggled in pain and died.
As I exited the pub the barman called out, "Now you've upset them", looking back I saw a very irate wasp with an even angrier worm on its back flying towards me!
I ran screaming from the pub into the street franticly waving me arms around my head as the deadly duo attempted to sting me.
I woke up screaming!

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