Saturday, 5 January 2013

One lump or two?

I began by doing a spot of bird spotting. The feathered kind and I was carrying binoculars and my trusted A to Z of birds book.
Slight difference was that I was in a supermarket amongst other shoppers and I was pushing a trolley.
I combined my weekly shop with watching a green woodpecker flying over the cereal isle.

Next I'm watching a huge lorry attempting to drive over a very small bridge. There are other smaller bridges that cross over its length and people are removing these as the lorry drives over the bigger bridge to prevent the lorry hitting them.
On the back of the lorry is a giant cup of tea about the size of a oval swimming pool.
The tea is splashing over the sides as the lorry carefully manoeuvres across the bridge.

I then get into a white transit van and start to follow behind the lorry. Sitting next to me in the passenger seat is a female PCSO who is very worried looking as I keep hitting the curb as I drive.
After hitting a lamp post I get out and lay down and fall to sleep.
I open my eyes and awake in my bed this morning.

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