Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My transvestite neighbour

I have been informed by my wife that there was a lot of talking going on in my sleep last night.
I was in my Nan's old garden from when I was a child and I was clearing cardboard boxes from along the fence line of the neighbouring garden.
In the next garden was a female I didn't know. She was singing loudly,'We are young' by the group Fun and was very annoying.

I asked the female to lower her voice as there were people asleep in my Nan's house.
Another older woman approached the fence and was clearly a man dressed as a woman. I was informed it was the younger woman's father.

Lastly I was watching my actual neighbour cleaning someone else's garden and she was wearing yellow rubber gloves.
An elderly gentleman entered the garden and my Neighbour greeted him by kissing and hugging him.

As I have woke this morning the song the female was singing is still in my head.

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