Thursday, 3 January 2013


To start with I was in the upper level of a working windmill.
My wife was on the lower level playing the game mousetrap.
Without her knowing I was frying steak on a grill and eating it as it cooked. There was a lot of meat and I was very full.
I went down to my wife's location where she had finish the game of mousetrap and was going to prepare lunch.
I found myself wondering how I was going to explain I wasn't hungry!

Next I found myself at a really poor Christmas market. The stalls were lacking any quality and I left disappointed.
Walking into the darkened night along a street I noticed a house on fire.
Running to help I saw that the fire fighters were already there.
Several annoying teenage boys were running around the house being pursued by the firemen.
I thought momentarily about helping them but dismissed the idea just as instantly and carried in my way.

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