Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lizards & speed cameras

I heaved my weary body into bed this morning and as soon as my head made contact with the pillow I was off.
Almost instantaneously I was awake again as I was confronted with my wife who had a lizards tongue. She was right in front of my face and the long thin slippery tongue shot in and out of her mouth.

Shock over I went off to sleep and was aware that I was walking along a street early in the morning. It was still dark.
Every few hundred yards or so I stopped at a speed camera and pulled out a slip of paper which was a print off of activations.

I tied a shovel around the metal support of one camera with string. Walking onto the next, I could hear music from a front garden. It was 'Stuck in a moment' by U2, a hit in 2001.
Sat outside the house a family where having a BBQ and the music was very loud.
I looked at my watch, it was 07.25. I walked away shaking my head at the thoughtlessness of the family.

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