Friday, 4 January 2013

Kung fu vigilantly

Last night I turned crime fighter, vigilantly and all round saviour of the people.
I was in a shopping centre that was holding a church service in the middle of it. Looking on from a fish n chip shop was my mother in law and she was sporting a 1980's style new wave haircut.

A bunch of teenage kids started to ride around the shoppers and worshipers on their BMX bikes causing a nuisance.
I shot into action and ran after them, busting out my best Kung fu moves I put them all down and saved the day.

Moving on from the shopping centre I was at a railway station.
A female shouted out that a man had a knife.
I saw two men get into a car and start to drive off. Instead of letting them go I shouted after them. The car stopped and both men got out and ran towards me.
One of them was holding a massive knife and ran thrusting it at me.

Instead of using my martial arts skills I pulled out a can of pepper spray and gave them both a face full.
The man without the knife fell onto the railway tracks and the woman that had shouted out originally helped me get hold of the knife attacker.

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