Saturday, 12 January 2013

Jimmy Savile, arty fish & superman

Normal service resumed with a busy night of brain activity.
Starting off I was chatting on the computer with an unknown person who sent me a random video of a woman in a fur coat dancing.
My wife entered the room and we started to get intimate, but I had to stop as I needed the toilet. It was at this point I woke to use the toilet.
Looking at my wife in bed, she was on her phone, her face lit up by its screen in the dark. I have since been informed by my wife that she wasn't aware that I got up.

Retuning to sleep, I needed to buy something from a shop and spent ages carefully parking outside, avoiding double yellow lines and not blocking driveways.
Finally happy where I left the car, I walked into a shop only to find it was an art gallery.
It was full of large aquariums containing goldfish. Several elegantly dressed women looked down at me, making me feel as if I wasn't welcome. I left.

Next I was watching a Police Community Support Officer, (PCSO), with a feather duster cleaning some small lockers.
She opened one to find the head of Jimmy Savile smiling back at her.
Alarmed by his creepy stare she dusted his face and it turned into a Mannequins head.

I next recall tapping a car engine with a small hammer. I have been informed that I was tapping my wife's hand as I slept.
I then was superman, in full costume with cape flowing in the breeze, tights and underpants on the outside.
I stood hands on hips proud to be a superhero.

As I did this I started to hear a song loudly playing and I started to visibly fade away.
The song took over the dream, pulling me out and awake. Looking over at my wife, she had decided it was time I was awake and was playing the tune to 'Wacaday' a children's programme from the 80's.

For a link to the song click into the comments below.

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