Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fishing for killers

An odd mix last night to say the least.
Starting off I was fishing in a small stream that ran through the inside of a water treatment plant.
Not that there would be anything remotely fish like in the water, I narrowed my chances of a catch even more by using bread and stones as bait.

Having not, unsurprisingly found any fish I wandered around the treatment plant and discovered a dead body.
It was the naked body of a male, there was chewing gum plugged up both his nostrils and all of his internal organs had been removed.
Being the astute detective that I am, I deduced that he had been murdered.

I next found myself in the house of my ex brother in law. Walking into the kitchen a man I didn't recognise was making a cup of tea. Before my eyes the man transformed into a small boy and I saw that it was my ex brother in laws Son as I last saw him, who would now be an adult.
I looked out of the window to see the rest of his family overloading their car to go on holiday to America.
They hadn't left any space for them to get in. Frustrated at this, ex brother in law jumped into the drivers seat and drove off at speed, smashing head on into another car.

Lastly I was myself in America but as a teenager. I was walking along a street totally lost and it was getting dark.
All around me cars were driving at ridiculous speeds and crashing into each other. Fist fights were breaking out between drivers who couldn't attribute blame so resorted to violence to resolve it.

I made a phone call but have no idea who too, they just told me dinner was ready. As I walked I tried to describe shops to help them to locate me.
I was starting to panic when I woke up.

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