Monday, 7 January 2013

Endurance wall

I was setting myself a challenge last night. I was sat on top of a very high brick wall and someone on the ground below me asked how long I was straying there for.
I decided that I would spend 10 days sat on it and proceeded to do so.

I was next aware that it was Christmas Day and at my mums house we were all ready to open our presents.
Prior to doing this I deemed it essential to cut the grass first and started pushing the lawn mower over the rear garden.

Looking over at the neighbours house I could see my friend and work colleague Matt standing up to his knees in a pond with a female.
They were searching through the water for something and eventually the female pulled out Matts glasses from the weeds.
Smiling Matt kissed and hugged the woman.

Lastly I was waiting in an office for a man called Chris who wanted to talk to me about his relationship.
I walked down some stairs and opened a door to find Chris was a Christine and a girl.
I took her to my office, offered her a chair and she sat on the desk and started crying.
I asked her what was wrong and she explained that she was having problems with her girlfriend. Christine started to tell me about the sexual side of her lesbian relationship but I woke up before she went into detail. Doh!

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