Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Consider yourself delayed

A very busy head last night, starting off by watching friend and work colleague Gareth attempting to wrap a solid chocolate advent calendar in brown paper and string.
I then find myself in the Essex town of Dagenham entering the run down house of a small boy.
As I enter the chocolate advent calendar was on the sideboard opened and partially eaten.
Suddenly the boy who is bare chested and rather chubby, runs in and grabs my belly and wobbles it, laughing as he does so.

Next sitting in my mums living room, there is a water display running vertically down the wall from the ceiling. Sat on the ceiling somehow is my dad. He is playing old vinyl records.

Lastly I am with my wife in central London after buying myself a new pair of jeans.
We begin to walk through the streets and it starts to snow.
Going into the suburbs it turns into a rundown area resemblant of the Victorian slum era. I mention it looks like a scene from a Charles Dickens novel.
With this I start to sing, 'Consider yourself one of us', from the 1968 musical version of Oliver.

Lots of people join in and start to dance along the snow covered streets.
I watch as a small car loses control on the icy road and crashes into an on coming car. This in turn causes two other cars to crash.
The scene becomes even worse when a double decker bus loses it and smashes through the front of a house.
I run to offer help and find that the bus has completely disappeared into the house.
On a pane of glass is a hand written note saying, 'Delays possible to bus number 62'

The number 62 bus runs a service through Dagenham and I am intending to buy a new pair of jeans.

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