Thursday, 10 January 2013

Confidential slapper

A brief encounter from today's slumber.
I was filming myself driving a van using a body mounted camera driving along a road and turned into an archway between two houses.

Exiting the van I was then watching the events as if viewing them on TV.
I found a foreign male asleep on a mattress in the open air. It was cold and dark but the male was happily snoring.

Next I found myself in the back of the van cleaning it. I was gathering lots of confidential paperwork up that had been carelessly thrown in the van.
I rolled all the paper up making a tight bundle and then walked into my new work premises in a bid to dispose of the documents without being detected.

As I opened an office door I tip toed into the room and over to a bag for shredding. As I looked down at my hand, the roll of papers had vanished.
Suddenly something kept repeatedly slapping my bottom hard.
Startled I spun round to see work colleague Lorraine had the papers and was hitting my backside with them, laughing as she did so.

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