Thursday, 17 January 2013

Child neglect on tap

I was working in conjunction with the Social Services department who were trying to find information on a couple that had a small child.
The couple were a very small black man and Mildred, a work colleague. An elderly woman who was head of the department sent me in under cover to befriend the couple.

I was driving a lorry with the male who was taking me too their house. Upon entering the house at midnight, Mildred wasn't there but a child of about 4 was watching TV in the living room alone. He had on Big Brother.
The male just said, "Why are you still up?"

I asked the male to take me to Mildred and we both got back in the lorry leaving the child home alone. I stood in dog pooh as we left!
Arriving at another house I found Mildred drunk in the kitchen. There was a push up tap dispenser on the oven similar to the ones on a fridge.
This one was dispensing wine which Mildred was over indulging in.
I decided that I wouldn't tell Social Services and informed them that everything was fine.

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