Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I was inside a house, not sure who's it was or where it was. It was night time and I was getting ready for bed when I heard a crashing sound from in the street.
Looking out from an upstairs window into the dark I saw a mass of crumpled metal that was two cars after an apparent head on collision.

Wanting to help I knew I had nothing on my feet and rushed to find my shoes. As I ran about the house, I fell over huge piles of shoes, franticly rummaging through them but was unable to find my own shoes.
I spent ages trying to locate my footwear throughout the hundreds of other pairs then woke up without having attended to the collision.

I could then see chickens wandering everywhere, I know I was asleep as I was in the street and I was pointing at them shouting, "Chickens".
I have been reliably informed that this coincided with me saying the same as I slept.

Next I was climbing a very unstable lead covered roof along with another male. We were going to fix it but it wasn't able to hold our weight and started bowing in.
The other male told me he had forgotten his work boots and left, leaving me stuck on the roof alone.

The last section of dreaming involved me being at my mums house and we were going on holiday. Everyone was sat in the car ready to go but I was trying to find some underwear as it had all been packed and I hadn't calculated enough to have any for the journey.

I opened a draw and the only thing I could find was a pair of red women's Brazilian style knickers.
In the middle of putting them on, my mum entered the room and looks at me with a combination of of horror and deep disappointment. Despite my best efforts to explain, it appears a mothers view has been irreversibly changed!

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