Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bruce Almighty midget

I started off by being at work and a colleague affectionally known as Numb Nuts had returned to shift after a few years in a different department.
He was asking me what to do as he hadn't got a clue about new procedures.
We have plastic boxes at work to keep our paperwork in and Numb Nuts had filled his with Cornflakes and poured milk over them!

The second part of my dream involved me watching veteran entertainer Bruce Forsyth running at full pace up London bridge. The bridge had massive rotating blades, similar to that on a wind turbine.
Bruce was amazing, reaching the very tip of one of the blades, he was hundreds of feet in the air spinning around.

Bruce was laughing and telling his corny jokes as he clung onto the blade, just gripping on with his hands.
As he gathered speed I watched him fly off into the air, landing on the ground close by to me. He skidded across the floor finally coming to an abrupt halt as he crashed into a wall.

As Bruce stood up still laughing and dusted himself down, I noticed that he was a midget version of his former self.
Bruce looked to camera in true professional style and said, "Didn't I do well!"

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