Tuesday, 22 January 2013

All star fruit picker

I had attended a hotel reception to meet film director / producer Guy Richie. I must confess to not knowing what he looks like but seemed to know him in my dream.
I was trying to get a part in his new film but was up against some tough competition.

Also sat in the hotel were actors Robbie Coltrane and Ray Winstone. Instead of being intimidated by them I set about telling Guy that they were rubbish and it was boring to have the same old faces in films all the time.
Robbie and Ray looked on in disbelief and anger at the very nerve of my presence.

No idea if I got the part as I suddenly found myself in a fruit orchard.
I was being shown around by a male who looked vaguely familiar.
There were blackberries, gooseberries, plums and a yellow fruit that I had never seen before. ( Not bananas, I know what they look like)!

Walking through the orchard we entered a house that had a wood panelled wall. The male used a long pole with a hook attached to open a catch at the top of the wall.
After undoing an elaborate sequence of clips and hooks a TV appeared in the wall from beneath the panelling.
The male then tried to put the TV away but a panel dropped down over the screen that had a picture of Elvis Presley on it.

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