Sunday, 20 January 2013

1966 World class dog pooh

Along with my wife I was visiting my aunt and uncle, Joan and Ron.
They had a new house and it was massive. Upon being greeted by them at the door I noticed they had both become about 30 years younger and looked amazing.

Wandering around their house I had an overwhelming need to sleep and promptly got into an available bed.
I was woken up by an elderly black man who wouldn't stop talking and laughing.
I got up and continued my self tour of the house.
There were at least 8 bedrooms and one had a babies cot in it. I found my Aunt and Uncle in a living room and they had a baby. My Aunt was telling my Uncle that he had to be more responsible now they had a child.

I then went for a walk with my Uncle in a field. As we walked I asked him about the baby but he was not paying attention.
Instead he kept picking up dog pooh.
As we reached a gate that exited the field, my Uncle had a large collection of doggy dos.
I then looked on in horror as he attempted to arrange the pooh into a 4-4-2 format of the 1966 winning England World cup football squad.

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