Monday, 10 December 2012

Virtual Maintenance

An odd sequence of events to say the least last night.
Starting off I was sorting through my tool box for a claw hammer when Az from work came in the room.
I took out a screwdriver and proceeded to undo four screws from the four corners of his head.
As I removed the last one, his face fell off like a plastic mask.

Next I was in my mums kitchen along with my departed dad next to the fridge. I was climbing the appliance to clean the top of it under my dads supervision.
On top of the dust covered fridge I found various old coins and keys.
Looking down I saw a Pakistani man walk past dressed in a onesie.
Dad was shouting out about the prime minister ruining the country but was going on about Margret Thatcher.

Lastly entering a luxury apartment block that was in the final stages of completion, I was checking the rooms out.
I opened a cupboard and a plastic disc shaped object with arms on it floated off the rail and around my head.

It attached itself to my face using the arms and the disc became a screen. I was then in a virtual reality game where my body was the controller.
I was driving a fast car along a deserted golden beach, it was so life like.
I pulled the disc off my face and found myself on the beach!

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