Monday, 17 December 2012

Top gun

I was charging my phone but hiding it and the cable to that it couldn't be found. I walked up some steps and found that I was at sea on a boat.
My mother in law was there and told me she wanted an i pod and wanted to go on a child's swing too.
I rinsed out an empty rice pudding tin in the sea and it turned from ocean blue to a dirty brown colour.

Next I was in a school hall sat at a table when I was informed by a man I didn't know that I had passed my exam at work and got top marks making me eligible for a high potential promotional scheme.
I was sitting there in shock when Justin from work approached me. I told him my news and he pointed his fingers at me, winked and said, "Your the top gun".

Looking up I saw two small boys fist fighting in the corridor.
Running out and separating them I marched them to the headmasters office.
I handed over the boys to a vicar and left.

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