Saturday, 29 December 2012

The sweetest deafness

Every now and again a song plays in my head whilst I'm dreaming and I invariably wake with it still playing.
It was and still is, I Get The Sweetest Feeling by Jackie Wilson, a hit in 1968.

Visually I was walking through a city centre at night and approaching everyone that I came across.
I was talking to them but getting totally ignored. I then realised that I was totally deaf and unable to hear the people.
I was however able to hear my own voice as I spoke.

With every passing day
I love you more in everyway
I'm in love to stay
And I wanna say

I get the (Sweetest Feeling)
Baby the sweetest (Sweetest Feeling)
Honey the sweetest (Sweetest Feeling)
Loving you

09 10