Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Fonz is not cool

A blast from the past with a visit from the Fonz from Happy Days.
Although he was far from cool as he was a gangland boss and was walking around ordering the executions of random people that he took a dislike too. His henchmen shot them on demand.

I next entered my mums house but is was brand new and no one had moved in yet. As I walked in I had a mouthful of multi coloured pills. I saw my younger sister who was a child.
I couldn't talk to her as I needed to get rid of the illegal stash of drugs in my mouth.
I went into the bathroom, spat them into my hand and hid them behind the toilet cistern.

Lastly I entered the office of an old boss called Paul. He was an excellent guy to work for and I was pleased to see him.
Paul gave me sound advice and told me that if I didn't understand the political situation at work I shouldn't rock the boat.

Happy with this advice I sat on a small children's ride in the corner of his office.
It was a mini carousel with cars and trains on it. I sat in a boat and happily span around with lights flashing and Bells ringing.
Ah the simple things in life are the best.

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