Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sorry Marilyn I'm taken

I've noticed that I appear on building sites often when dreaming. Must be a connection somewhere.
As I walked around I could see a man in a wheelchair at the site perimeter and he was going mental that there was no disabled access. Eventually he was arrested for causing a disturbance.

I went into a toilet cubicle and when I sat on the toilet I noticed that I was out in the open building site for all to see!
Standing watching me was Marilyn Monroe.
Quickly attempting to cover my embarrassment, I walk away and the building site turns into a fare ground.
Marilyn asks me to take her out on a date but I tell her I'm married and she then walks off with another man!

I next find myself flying through the air. I'm holding a Goldfinch and pretending its a model plane like a child. I even make the sounds.
I fly into a house through an upstairs window and land on a bed, throwing the poor bird on the mattress, which can't adjust fast enough and bounces off the bed into the wall!

I am lastly talking to a teenage girl in a living room. She has amazing big green eyes. She is telling me about her parents arguing when her dad enters the room, shows me his name tattooed on his neck and leaves.
Two lads in baseball caps walk in and I think I've seen them before but can't recall where.
The girl is still telling me about her parents when the lads leave and I shout after them, "Twist & Pulse"!

Twist and Pulse are an English street dance duo based in London. They are best known for being the runners-up of the fourth series of Britain's Got Talent in 2010, famously coming in second to Spelbound in the live final

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