Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Shark girl

I started off by being at work at I was attempting to log onto the computer system to show that I was on duty.
I began to get angry as when I tried to book myself on duty a video of a wildlife programme kept playing on the screen.

As I continually attempted to log on, Kyle came over and started laughing at my frustration.
I grabbed hold of him around the throat and slammed him on the floor. He stopped laughing.

I was next staying at a very big house on holiday. There were lots of other people there in different rooms. But I didn't know any of them.
I went diving and started to pull up a gigantic dead shark to the surface.
Upon reaching dry land I removed a dead young girl in a black dress from the belly of the shark and laid her on my bed.

I went to tell the others what I had found and discovered that one of the other guests, a girl, was wearing the black dress from the dead girl.
I rushed back to my room and the deceased girl was naked, her body was blackened and bruised.

Lastly I was in a room that had around 10 people in it and they were standing in a circle. One of them I recognised as an old friend that I haven't seen for about 20 years.
Every so often everyone rotated clockwise so that a different person was in front of me.
When the old friend reached me, he looked at me and informed me that he had defecated himself!

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