Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Russian gangster

I started off by watching a Russian man visiting a female in a very small prison cell.
The door was glass so the guards could watch them.
When no one but me was watching, the Russian man pulled out a knife and stabbed the woman. He shouted out and managed to convince the guards that the woman had pulled out the knife and she was stabbed in the struggle to protect himself.

I next find myself along with my wife as prosecution lawyers in court, but the court is a water pump room and we are on a platform above the water filled room.
The defence lawyer is a woman and her client is the same Russian man that stabbed the female in prison.

The defence lawyer suddenly states that she wants to marry the Russian and my wife shouts that the trial must stop as there is a conflict of interests.
With this the Russian hugs the lawyer and then throws her into the water below.
We quickly turn a big wheel and the room starts to empty if water.

As the water empties a deep booming god like voice shouts out, "Why are you emptying the water?!"
As the last of the water drains away the lawyer is saved from drowning. The Russian in all the panic has escaped.

I turn the wheel again to begin re filling the room. As I look at a TV screen it shows thousands of £20 notes being burnt to power the water pump.

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