Sunday, 30 December 2012

Round round

I was in my local shop and I'd decided to take up smoking.
Looking at the sweet display I saw one cigarette paper in a clear plastic bag along with a small amount of tobacco priced at 27p.
I took this to the shopkeeper and he laughed at me saying how stupid it was to buy one cigarette paper.

Next I was at the coast on the promenade with my wife. We looked over towards a massive fairground ride that involved a huge swinging platform that people were trying to balance on whilst throwing big shaped blocks into the corresponding shaped holes on a another platform above their heads. A bit like the child's shape sorting block but on a massive scale.

One of the people balancing on the platform was TV presenter Chris Hollins.
As he was throwing an oversized triangle up in the air, the song Round Round by the Sugar Babes playing, a hit in 2002

Looking beyond the shape filled fun I could see the dunes of the beach in the distance and a 4x4 race was taking place.
Suddenly a jeep fell off the track into the crowd squashing a man and killing him.
Chris whilst still throwing shapes up, kicked into presenter mode and started reporting on the tragedy.

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