Thursday, 6 December 2012

One sheet does plently

I was outside in the open air, situated somewhere close to open fields.
A female was standing next to me and she started to shout and generally panic that there was a bomb.
She ran off down a grassy slope and I followed her as she descended still screaming.
As we reached the bottom of the incline, a cardboard box appeared at the woman's feet and exploded. She vanished.

I then ran back up the slope holding my arms aloft and trailing a bed sheet flowing in the wind behind me like a jubilant Olympic athlete with a flag.
When I reached the top I was high above a city and I jumped off the edge flying in the air with my sheet as a parachute.

I drifted for miles, slowing panning across the city. I looked to my right and saw a man also floating in the air.
I calmly said to him, "Hello John".
No idea if that was his name but John just smiled at me without speaking and we continued to fly.
I was still drifting when I awoke.

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