Friday, 14 December 2012

Naked roof gardener

I began last night by being delicately perched on the roof of my mums house. All the tiles were missing and I was holding on to the beams. Growing up out of the attic were lots of weeds that had intertwined the beams and pushed off the roof tiles.
I balanced holding on with one hand whilst trying to pull up all of the weeds. I was totally naked whilst doing this.

I next was in a street, it was dark and raining. I tied a rope around a large tree in a front garden and pulled it down to the floor snapping it at its base.
I then put on a crash helmet, climbed onto a motorcycle and dragged the tree to my mums neighbours house.
Once in the house I placed the tree onto their gas fire and set fire to it.
Apart from the crash helmet I was still naked!

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