Monday, 3 December 2012

Mars in my sock

I was outside of a newsagents and Vince from work asked me to buy him some rolling tobacco and gave me £3.
I entered the shop and found that there was a large TV screen directly in the way, I had to duck under it and then through some metal turnstiles.
Struggling to reach the counter I asked for the tobacco and three Mars chocolate bars.
Knowing that it was Vince's money I hid the Mars bars down my socks to avoid him detecting them.

I was next making an egg sandwich and a cup of tea for four people but I was on my own.
I then walked from the kitchen into my mums living room to find my neighbours sat on the sofa. They were on the phone attempting to arrange a taxi home but wanted to pay £6.50 and not the £19 quoted to them.
The 100 mile journey would be a bargain even at £19 but they were not budging.

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