Saturday, 1 December 2012

Limbo home

Sometimes I'm so tired that my brain completely shuts down in a coma like state. This was the case last night as my head hit the pillow and I had a dream just prior to waking.

I was leaving work and the steps down into the car park had some work being carried out on them.
The hand rails had been moved so that they were now horizontally at different heights becoming lower as I descended. The first few I was able to duck under but the last ones were so low I decided to limbo under them when I could have actually stepped over!

In the car park was one of my supervisors, Jim who started to ramble on about the complexities of limbo dancing. I ignored him and went home only to find that I'd arrived on the Caribbean island of Jamaica.

I have also woken with the tune 'Sweet talking woman' in my head. The 1978 hit from the superb ELO.

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