Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Italian roll up

I was on a railway platform with my dad. Also standing there was an Italian man shouting about trying his hand rolled tobacco.
We approached him and he was confident that no one would know how to roll up a cigarette.
My dad having been a well traveled man, took the tobacco and papers and expertly rolled a cigarette. Impressed the man gave my dad his tobacco.

Next I was trying to make a phone call reading a number from a piece of paper and a boy band were singing next to me.
I walked away and into a men's changing room.
Inside a man and woman were standing on a table measuring the length of the lockers.
Ignoring them I stared at my reflection in the mirror, placing my shaving equipment down. Rubbing my chin I decided I didn't need a shave. The couple were talking about converting the room for an old lady to live in.
I opened my eyes and found myself awake in bed and slightly late getting up.
Oh well.

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