Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I'm lost Mrs Brown.

Starting off in a cake shop, Mark from work excitingly runs out as I enter.
Sitting at a table next to the glass cake display is a work supervisor called Luke. Luke points at a solitary Belgium bun and says its only 2p.
Licking my lips at my favourite cake I approach the display only for my wife to shout out that Mark had run out to get 2p as he wanted the cake.
I reluctantly leave it for Mark.

Next I'm pushing a child's buggy along a dark street at night. In the buggy is a doll but under the seat is a small girl curled up in a ball. As I push the buggy she scrapes on the floor.
I pick her up and we get into my car with me in the passenger seat. The girl, who is about 4 drives my car through London streets skilfully negotiating flooded roads.

We reach a department store and enter it walking through crowds of people. In a doorway is the TV character Mrs Brown. As we pass her I inform her we are lost. She just laughs.
Going into the room there is a very pale sickly looking boy in a bed.
A Chinese man passes us, opens a cupboard under a sink and gets in closing the door behind him.

After he doesn't come out I open the cupboard and discover a vast network of tunnels. I ponder whether I should follow but wake up before I make a decision.

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