Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Gospel dog pooh

I was in a huge old barn and it had been converted into an assault course. I was swinging from the beams and hanging on ropes.
When I landed in the floor I was in my mums front garden. I started to wash my car that was parked on the lawn but noticed there was a lot of dog pooh around.
I began to clear up the mess, scooping it all into a plastic bag and singing gospel songs as I did so. After a few Hallelujah's and praise the Lord's, the mess was gone and I got on cleaning my car.

Next in my mums living room along with Shaz from work I was attempting to ring for a taxi, despite having my car outside?
I tried to find a number on my i phone but it kept sending me to the wrong web sites.
Shaz was getting frustrated and started to dial on the house phone.
It was the real old style phones that had a dial on it but when I looked at it, it was a cup of tea and Shaz had his fingers in.

An Asian man appeared from nowhere and offered to sell us a brand new stolen i phone for £320.
Shaz bought one.

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