Thursday, 20 December 2012

Game show shark

I was walking towards Becontree station which is on the district line of the London Underground. As I approached it, everyone passing me was in fancy dress. Two guys dressed as Beetlejuice ran by but their arms and legs were twice as long as normal.
There was a group of drunk men in football shirts and two women dressed in checked shirts and comfortable shoes with short hair and I assumed they were either Lesbians or had deliberately dressed like that.
I reached the station and ran onto the platform as the train pulled in. It didn't stop and I had to run and jump onto it.

I'm next watching a rubbish Christmas movie at my mums house with my younger sister. To avoid watching it further I repeatedly bang my head on the wall and fall unconscious. As I hit the floor my hand opens revealing a 10p coin.
Laying out cold and bleeding, my sister steals the coin from me.

Lastly I am observing a game show. The object of the game is unclear but there is a house floating on a lake that contains a shark. Also floating on the lake on a little island are a group of contestants having a BBQ.
An unknown woman along with rap star Eminem are shooting water jets and manage to knock the contestants off as well as distinguishing their BBQ.

I then come out of the floating house which is now on dry land and see my friend Siobhan, she is dressed very elegantly in a long dress but has socks and trainers on. I point and laugh at her.
I go back into the house realising that I don't have any underwear on.

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