Friday, 21 December 2012

Curse of the monkey skull

I began last night by presenting four wanted criminals to a high court judge. I gave his honour a newspaper with the four fugitives set out in a TV guide, each with their own programme.
The judge excepted the newspaper and then ignored me. Trying to leave the court I had to exit by climbing over book shelves.
As I reached the top of the units, I knocked boxes off the dust covered shelves. I descended to the other side and a pair of old pants hit me in the head.

Next I entered a boat to the sound of 'Wherever I lay my hat', by Paul Young, a hit in 1983. The boat was my house and I had entrusted two 16 year old boys to redecorate it for me.
I walked around with them showing them what I wanted doing and I introduced them to my nan.
I gave strict instructions that my nan was not allowed in the electric mobility scooter as she was a menace in it.

We opened a door and was met by a floating monkey skull. It was black with scales all over it and it howled as it moved towards us. The boys screamed and ran off never to be seen again.
I looked over at my nan and she gave me a cheeky smile and laughed.

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