Wednesday, 12 December 2012


In 1985 ex 10cc band members Godley and Creme brought out a ground breaking video to their song, 'Cry' which had people's faces blending into each others.
Last night I had a secession of faces doing the same but to the 1979 Abba hit, Voulez-vous.

Laughter and sadness followed as I am in the street and a very tall slim sexy looking woman is hanging out her washing. I watch as she removes her coat to reveal a bikini.
She sits in a deck chair and cuts her wrist with a knife. The blood flows dripping through the fabric of the chair forming a large puddle underneath.

In contrast I was lastly sat at a table in a pub with two other guys I'd never met before. As we chatted I kept finishing one of the guys words before he could.
We all three were in fits of laughter and I woke up smiling.

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