Thursday, 27 December 2012

Can he fix it?

I'd arrived at my mums house with my wife's parents and entered the neighbours house. I was carrying a bag of sand that split open as I went in.
Upon going in the house, it was a kitchen showroom. My in - laws were looking at buying a new kitchen but I wanted to leave. I had to climb through a gap under a work surface between a washing machine to exit the shop.

When I came out the other side I found myself in the rear garden of my old house. My in - laws are there and walking a baby hedgehog on a lead.
They put it into the boot of their car and drive off.

Lastly I was in a bedsit with my dad and we had repaired and re decorated the room. Dad told me that the old carpet was to be removed and it was finished.
I was then back there the following day with Lorraine from work and she was inspecting the work.
I was saying what a great job I had done of the room but upon looking, it wasn't really finished and Lorraine wasn't convinced.

There was a hose pipe hanging from a wall dripping water. Lorraine pointed this out and to fix it, I smashed it with a hammer.
This just made the hose shoot water out at an alarming rate. I put the hose into the sink and said to Lorraine, "There you go, that's fixed".
She wasn't impressed.

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