Sunday, 16 December 2012


As I drifted off to sleep I was watching some baked beans being poured over toast.
The beans started to spill over and eventually they began to pour over my head. I shouted out alarming myself and wife in the process.

I was then walking towards some farm machinery and crawling under it I emerged in Ireland.
Wandering around the idilic countryside I began to sense some hostility towards me from the locals.
I started to run as an angry mob chased me out of town.
Looking back I could see that the mob was headed by actress Julie Goodyear who played Bet Lynch in the soap opera Coronation street.
Bet was waving a large knife at me and not wishing to get caught I ran back to the farm machinery where I had entered.

As I approached it comedian Sean Lock was there holding it up for me to crawl back under. He smiled at me as I safely escaped the angry mob.

Appearing safely on the other side, Sean handed me a potted plant and explained that I needed to give it to Dennis the Menace.
Looking up ahead of me I could see the cartoon character eagerly waiting my arrival.

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