Saturday, 8 December 2012

Back to the future

I was dreaming that I was on an old London red bus. Not particularly odd in itself but as I looked out of the window, time was reversing.

My supervisor from work, Mike was talking to me but I stopped him to point out that we were traveling back in time.
Mike appeared updaunted by this and continued chatting.
I got off the bus and could see our guinea pigs hutch, it was empty and clean and new. In my mind I thought that because of the time travelling, that they hadn't been. born yet.

I continued walking and I held out my hands in front of my face but they were totally numb.
I stared at them concerned by this and it was at this point that I woke with my hands in front of me with them tingling with pins and needles.

Most people have temporary pins and needles from time to time. (Paresthesias).
It happens when pressure is applied to a part of the body which cuts off the blood supply to the nerves in that area. This prevents the nerves from sending important signals to the brain.

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