Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Watching my money grow

Running around an underground train station in full camouflage gear armed to the teeth, I was some kind of assassin or mercenary.
As I jumped from train to train I was aware that huge floods of water were pouring into the tunnels and filling the carriages behind me.
Just managing to leap onto a train with the water rushing at my feet, a hand grabs mine and pulls me aboard. As this happens I grab a sniper rifle lent against the door.
When I look at my fellow passengers they are all dressed like me.

Lastly just prior to waking I had been given a 10p coin as payment for something and looked at the coin unhappily in my palm.
As I starred down the coin transformed into a tiny pink pig and winked at me.
It then jumped out of my hand onto the floor and started increasing in size.
Finally it was the size of a full grown pig and was filled with money.
Happy with that.

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