Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The eyes have it

As on many occasions I was at my mums house. This time in the back garden.
In the middle of the lawn was a red car and looking into next doors garden, they too had a car on the lawn.
Growing all over the roof of the red car were lots of Gladiola. As I looked at them, they started to droop.

I next entered the house of a neighbour called Yvonne. She had her grandson with her who was playing with a working model of a steam roller. I looked and smiled with fond memories as it was the exact same one I had as a child.

Lastly along with my wife we were walking in the street and it was very dark.
Struggling to see I turned a switch on the back of my head and my eyes lit up like torch lights shining a path ahead.
Despite my obvious super power my wife totally ignored it.

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