Monday, 12 November 2012

Stand up Bob

Three parts to last nights dreaming. Starting off I was rearranging my bedroom furniture and could hear a muffled talking from behind the wardrobe.
Upon pulling out the item I discovered Bob Monkhouse was there performing a comedy standup routine.
He had a microphone on a stand and seemed happy to have been released from the dusty confines of the wardrobe.

I was next with my dad heading towards the home of a well known writer who's name was Fred. Dad told me that Fred had written the famous film called 27 Women, but I had not heard of it.
We found Fred living in a garden shed, looking like a tramp. He stated that he was attempting to write a follow up film but was suffering from writers block.

Lastly I was at an old school building at night and found my friend Lou hiding in one of the offices in her dressing gown.
I was just asking her what she was doing when my friend Gary Potter arrived and told me I was now working for him and to stop talking to Lou.

Unhappy at this I explained that I wanted my own office but Gary told me that there was no room for me and I'd have to work outside. I was very unhappy with this.

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