Saturday, 24 November 2012

Roger more?

Just as I fell to sleep I had a horrible dream watching my dog get swept away in a fast flowing river. He struggled to swim but couldn't.
I was woken by my wife as I was shouting and really distraught. Bad times.

I was next in central London and was hanging around on a street corner waiting for someone but didn't know who.
Walking past me were two men. They stopped and said hello.
One was ex James Bond actor Roger Moore and the other was a younger Roger Moore as he looked when playing Bond.
They were holding hands and older Roger asked me what I was doing.
I didn't answer as I was slightly freaked out by the two men.

Lastly I was in a shop and a man with mad long curly ginger hair entered.
He lit a firework and I watched as it exploded in his face totally engulfing his hair in a mass of flames.

I then saw another man take off his clothes revealing that he was wearing a woman's black body stocking. It was lacy and tight fitting and showed all his curves.
As he started to pose around the shop in it, a saxophone began to play a sultry tune.
On closer inspection the man had a woman's body but the head of a man.
Slightly uncomfortable I watched on along with the now bald ex ginger haired man as he/she danced.

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