Monday, 19 November 2012

Rapping CD rack

I began by wandering and searching the park area at the end of my mums street that I played in for many hours as a child.
There was no one else around and after a long fruitless search, I returned to my mums house.

I found my mum caring for my dad, normally when I dream of him, he is well and his old self before his illness. Last night he was as he was prior to his death and this filled me with sorrow. He couldn't even find the strength to look up at me.

In vast contrast I was next at the huge mansion of a rap artist who was just moving in.
He was building a metal CD rack for all his music but it was a very bodged effort.
He had glued it together and painted it black. In respect to the house it was like having something from a rubbish tip in a palace. It looked terrible.
As he painted dressed in lots of bling, trendy clothes and sunglasses he rapped along to some music.

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