Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pie & chips, give me a sign.

I was working on a building site and had been asked to install all the air conditioning.
Only problem with this was that as I walked from the top of the building, the floors were being pumped with wet cement. I ran faster and faster to reach the bottom as the cement ran behind me.

I was next in a car driving with a work colleague Matt as my passenger.
I was convincing Matt to have a massive fried breakfast and we stopped at a cafe with two old women running it.
Matt was unsure about the breakfast as it was £17.50. One of the women offered Pie & Chips for £5 and we both excepted although not an ideal breakfast meal.

Lastly my wife took me to meet her departed nan, I was introduced and it was apparent that she was deaf but my wife had never mentioned this.
One if her cousins was there trying to instruct me in the basics of sign language.

Much to everyone's surprise, including my own I started to converse with her in sign. No idea I knew it!

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