Friday, 2 November 2012

Piano materclass

I haven't spoken to my wife to confirm this yet but when she came in from work in the small hours, she was dressed as little red riding hood.
I can recall asking her why she was wearing this attire for bed, but she told me she wasn't.
Taking into consideration all the factors, I'm fairly sure I was dreaming this.

I was driving a transit van and parked it in the path of someone's house with the bonnet of the vehicle up against the front door.
A teenage girl came out of the address and asked for a lift home as her father was being horrible to her. I dropped her off and left.

Returning to her house in the early hours of the morning I walked into the living room and saw a piano.
I began to play like a professional. Performing a medley of tunes from classical to pop.

The impromptu concert woke the girl who entered the living room and turned on the light.
As I looked down at the piano I noticed it had collapsed and was a mass of splintered wood and keys.

I just looked up at the girl and said, 'oops'.

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