Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mirror in the bathroom

Rather a scary dream for me as I'd gone into the bathroom and upon glancing at my reflection in the mirror, noticed that my normally neat clean shaven appearance had been replaced.

Staring back was a full bearded version of me complete with long greasy hair too!
Freaking at the sight of myself as a beardy weirdy sent me into a panic. I attempted to shave off the facial nasty but my razor couldn't cope with the challenge of so much hair

Calling out for help as my anxiety increased, my dad came into the the room and told me to calm down.
Dad then took a set of electric clippers and carefully removed the hairy nasty.
More relaxed now I was able to get into the shower and rid myself of any remaining facial fungus and long hair.

My dad remained as I showered and his calming relaxed encouragement helped me calm just as it had always done when he was alive.

The fear of beards is known as Pogomophobia, and it can occur for many reasons. Some people fear beards because they feel hair on the face is unclean. Others are put off by the rugged look that beards give to men. Whatever the reason, this phobia can strike any gender or age group.
You have been warned!

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